About Meda Chat


Meda Chat is a categorically disruptive mobile application merging the gap between social media, finance & entertainment creating a multi-purpose messaging and banking application.

Meda is not just an app, it’s a super app with an ecosystem of consumers, suppliers & miniapps connecting one group of users & business with another group of users & business.

Meda is a lifestyle tool that will be at every point of users daily contact with the world, from morning until night, with family, friends or at work. A user can chat with friends & family or do business & transfer money if they will or top up her mobile phone or pay utility bill, buy concert tickets and play live games all in a single app.

Its ecosystem of content, consumer and service providers all layered by localization creates an adaptive platform that serves the specific needs of user needs.

Why Meda

Meda Chat is a platform for students, business men & women, financial institution, government offices and center for a plethora of things including event ticket sales, air time sales, DSTv payment, game… Meda Chat aims to revolutionize messaging & money in Ethiopia the same way WeChat disrupted China. Instead of sifting between multiple apps for messaging, payment and money transfer and going through the overwhelming mess of information and painful experience, users rely on Meda Chat for everything social and money related.

Meda Chat exists to enhance the quality of Ethiopian lives by providing localized messaging, mobile banking & business platform. Its localization allows users to easily navigate the app, chat in their native language and send Ethiopian stickers with deep emotional meaning. Sending, receiving and requesting money or ‘mobile banking’ is done from the same screen users chat with their friends. Users can jump into the mini-app platform to find every possible service and product they could ever want, it could be calling a Taxi or buying mobile phone or paying for bill or house rent or dating miniapp…