Frequently Asked Questions

Joining Meda

Launch the Google play store on your Android device. Type Meda Chat into the search bar then select the Meda Chat icon app from the list. Tap on install in the app page. After the full download, it will automatically run the installation and notify you when the download is complete. Download the app here www.bit.ly/medachatapp

Registering on Meda Chat is very simple and easy. Launch Meda on your device. Just enter your phone number and tap on continue. After entering your mobile number, you will get a pin. Enter your activation code and tap done.

Getting Started

With meda chat you can send and receive messages in Amharic, Oromifa, Tigrigna & English, in addition, you can send & receive money or mobile card & pay for other services. You can deposit and withdraw money from your nearest Dashen Bank branches.

Download the app here www.bit.ly/medachatapp

Payment powered by Amole Mobile Banking / Dashen Bank

All you’ll need to sign up is a your phone number. Once you enter your country code and phone number you will receive a verification code.

Your contacts, who have Meda Chat, are shown at the top of your Contacts. You can also invite friends to download the app here www.bit.ly/medachatapp


To disable notification in the course of sending a message or money, you need to tap on settings and go to notifications.

You can send messages to people who are in your phone contacts and have Meda Chat. If they are not on Meda you can invite them here www.bit.ly/medachatapp

Tap the contacts icon from the menu bar and you will locate the group or channel option from above. Complete the questionnaire to create a group or channel.

Open the Meda Chat app on your phone, tag on your username, tap on the clip icon where you will be presented with a number of menu options including camera, gallery, video music, file, contact, location etc.

Meda chat consists of multiple stickers to help users underline their exact expressions. They are fun and easily available to use.

To start recording a voice message users should tap and hold the microphone icon. Once the microphone button is released, the voice message will be sent to the chat.

My Account

Meda QR is the easiest way to keep your Meda information and other payment details. It offers monetary transactions via QR code.



You can change your profile picture while installing the app or can do so later as well. Choose to click a picture or can pick from gallery.

In the security section, you can manage who can see your last seen time, you can end sessions on other devices. You can also sign out from the current device you are using Meda.

Annoyed by someone? Tap on the profile image to enter the profile page of the user you will have the button “Block User”.

Pay & Wallet

Amole is a mobile wallet powered by Dashen Bank. Meda uses Amole mobile wallet to allow you to send, receive, & request birr.